Feb 16, 2023by Brigitte Farrell

What you’re paying for is breathability, luxury, durability, and exceptional softness. Not all bamboo products are equal, but even the lowest quality products provide a higher level of comfort than some of its’ textile competitors. The price of bamboo has mainly to do with its manufacturing process.

Faceplant Bamboo®

Compared to linen, high thread count cotton, or silk sheets, you’re getting an incomparable deal with choosing bamboo. There are several reasons for this, and we know you’ll appreciate every one of them:

  1. Our sheets use a very small diameter polished thread, resulting in a smoother finish, which is more resistant to pilling, and snagging. You’ll find that your sheets feel wonderfully crisp and light as a cloud!
  2. Our sheets are woven, not knitted. This process is much more costly as it requires very expensive air weaving machines. The final product, however, is invaluable. Woven sheets are simply smoother. They will not stretch out over time, they lie flat. More importantly, they don’t get stuck in your pajamas while you’re rolling around in a deep sleep.
  3. Faceplant Bamboo® sheets are made from naturally grown bamboo. The bamboo plants that make up your sheets have never been touched by pesticides or Petro-chemical based fertilizers. All of our Faceplant Bamboo® products are Oeko-Tex 100 certified – guaranteed to be free of any chemical residues and meet the standard for color fastness (your bamboo’s color will not fade over a lifetime of washes).

Is it worth it?


Our signature bamboo fabric at Faceplant Dreams™ regulates body temperature, is renowned for its durability, and is inexplicably soft.

Life can be hard. Sleep should be easy.

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