Change Is Good

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Change is in the air! We have reinvented ourselves. Well, not really. We're still the same Faceplant family you know and (hopefully) love. But we did create a new pretty website! We hope you like it, and we hope the new version helps you get to know us, our products, and the stores who carry Faceplant products, a little bit better.

Take a look around. We invite you to find something new, cozy, and/or inspirational to love. We aimed to make your shopping experience more pleasant so you can have more sweet dreams. Please pardon any hiccups you might find--we may still need to work out some kinks.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. We'd love for you to join us via social media and/or our email vine so you don't miss out on sales, news, new products, and future updates. 

Change can be a good thing. We're excited to see where these new winds take us, and we hope you'll join us for the journey. (Click "Home" to begin.)

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Carla Nathan
Carla Nathan
Bought my first Faceplant Dreams product today:) Sleeveless sleepshirt which reads Sleeping Beauty! I can’t wait to go to bed lol. I wanted to purchase the I Sleep With dogs slippers but they didn’t have my size, maybe for my next purchase.

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