Dreams Really Do Come True

Karen H


Have you ever given a gift to someone because you know it will have meaning to them? Something they will love?

Recently, our “Dreaming of a Hole-In-One” pillowcase was purchased for Emerson Redd by his stepmother. Emerson attends San Diego State. After the first night that he used his Faceplant Dreams pillowcase, he played 18 holes of golf and shot an amazing hole-in-one! It was his very first one. 

Emerson himself said, “Thanks to Faceplant and an excellent drive, dreams really do come true.”
Hole In One Dream Comes True

Congratulations Emerson on your first hole-in-one! We are sure that it will not be your last and we love that you shared your excitement with us.

We love stories like this from our customers. Our products are designed to have meaning to you and those you give them to as gifts. To hear that a gift helped someone’s dream come true is the icing on the cake.

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