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Recently, a customer sent us a photo that touched our hearts, so we reached out to her to find out more.  A sweet puppy who had been sick was resting comfortably in our Love Is A Four Legged Word Love Wrap.
This is the kind of story that fits our company philosophy and we just had to share.  Thank you to LuAnn at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue in Alpharetta, Georgia for sharing this wonderful story and photos...
Love is a 4 Legged word blanket puppy

In early December, our rescue received a plea from a small rural animal control shelter.  They had an abandoned litter of 9 five-week old puppies that had just come into the shelter. These shelters are nowhere for babies to be. They get sick very quickly and many perish there.
Angels Among Us Puppies  
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue does not have a shelter.  All of our dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are in foster homes until they find their forever homes. So we needed to scramble to find fosters for all 9 babies. We found 4 homes and the transport van was sent to pick them up and get them to our intake vet to be looked at. They were to be called the Agatha Christie litter and all puppies named after characters from the books.
Angels Among Us Agatha Christie Pups 
I took the three boys: Christow, Humphries, and Bowers. They seemed fine when we first got them, playing and eating well, but that changed quickly. Within hours they went from bouncing around, to not eating, lethargic, sick babies. They had come down with Parvo, which is a highly contagious virus that attacks and typically kills young puppies. Off to 24/7 emergency vets they went one by one. Humphries was my little runt and ended up being the sickest. Once I was able to get them home, it took a bit to get them back on their feet again.  A lot of love and cuddles seems to help a great deal, and that is where your lovely blanket comes into the picture. They all made it and are now in their forever homes!!!

Bowser Angels Among Us

Bowers is the little one in the picture I sent you. He had just come home from the vet and I would snuggle them on my lap in a blanket...that wonderful Faceplant Dreams blanket to be exact. I happened to look down and the wording was right there and seemed to be the perfect quote.
His adoption was especially special.  The mom and dad came to meet him right before they got sick. Their son was 10 and had always wanted a dog. The parents had had animals growing up, but hadn't added one to the family until now. They patiently waited until Bowers was completely healthy and ready to go. I went to their home with Bowers to surprise the kids. The son had no idea and it is these moments that make all this so worth it. To see his reaction to Bowers and the immediate connection they had, priceless --a very lucky boy and puppy.
Angels Among Us Forever Home Family They keep me updated and I am going over to visit when they come back from traveling.
About Angels Among Us Pet Rescue
My friend and I started Angels Among Us Pet Rescue February 2009. Neither one of us came from non-profit or rescue and both of us worked full time in different industries while we built Angels. This past year we reached over 12,000 animals saved. We are the largest primarily volunteer rescue in the SE and have nearly 800 volunteers with over 300 active foster homes. We have no shelter. All pets are in loving foster homes while we find their forever families.  We have always prided ourselves that once we commit ourselves to them, we will give them the best care possible, they will never be starved, neglected or abused another day. We have also always been the ones that take the hard cases and those that no one else will, or can.  We have been able to use Facebook to help us grow with somewhere 1.3 million fans. I guess I am pretty proud :)  


Again, Thanks so much to LuAnn and Angels Among Us Rescue for all the wonderful, selfless, and miraculous work they do.

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