Let Me Sleep - Lavender & Flax Hot/Cold Pillow

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$ 45.00

Perfect for pain relief, migraines, meditation and relaxation. Our plush cotton micro-terry and satin pillow is filled with 100% natural flax seed and lavender buds. Flaxseeds are abundant in natural oils which allow them to sustain hot or cold temperatures. Simply remove the insert and heat in the microwave for a maximum of 2 minutes or cool in the freezer for soothing aromatherapy relaxation. The seeds flow and contour comfortably to perfectly comfort every little ouch. With a selection of elegant embroidered designs, the Faceplant Flaxseed and Lavender pillow is perfectly scented, perfectly cozy and perfectly giftable. 

The perfect solution for comfy and cozy on-the-go, measuring at 16"x10".