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Bamboo Pants Sweetgrass

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This color has been discontinued and we are offering it to our retail customers at huge discounts. 

Fabric made from Bamboo is luxurious by nature. It’s softer than silk. It wicks moisture a gazillion times better than cotton, and it breathes. Bamboo is a renewable and biodegradable resource and the fabric from Bamboo is the most cozy and luxurious fabric we’ve found.

Besides, Pandas dig it. What’s not to Love?

Please keep in mind these are cut a tad shorter than our other Faceplant Bamboo pants. If you're 5'6-ish or shorter these should be great on you. If you're a supermodel height of 5'10 or taller you might want to select a different color.

Because of our special oops-a-daisy pricing, we can't accept returns of this product.

Type: Pajama Pant

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Sizing Guide