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Bamboo T-Back Tank Moonrise

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The Moonrise tops are just as soft and cozy as our other colors, but they were cut a bit smaller. Keep that in mind when ordering these shirts at a fabulous discount.

Double lining on top of a loose cut bodice and sexy t-back will make this bamboo tank a go-to favorite for warm summer evenings or any time, for those who like things cooler when they sleep. This unbelievably comfortable top can be matched up with any of the items in our Dreamwear collection, but pair them with our Sweetgrass pants or shorts (also on sale) for a beautiful combination at a fabulous price. 

Fabric made from Bamboo is luxurious by nature. It’s softer than silk. It wicks moisture a gazillion times better than cotton, and it breathes. Your "new favorite tank"  with a satin edged neck is not only ideal for layering but works on its own when the heat is on. 

Bamboo is a renewable and biodegradable resource and the fabric from Bamboo is the most cozy and luxurious fabric we’ve found. Besides, Pandas dig it. What’s not to Love?

Because of our special oops-a-daisy pricing, we can't accept returns of this product.


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Sizing Guide