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Happy Is The New Pretty - Sleeveless Sleepshirt

Size Guide

They say that beauty comes from within and we'd like to second that emotion with the introduction of our new "Happy is the New Pretty" sleeveless style sleepshirt.

It has a satin trimmed neckline and “Happy is the New Pretty” along the hemline and a delicate matching icon on the back. 

  • 100% cotton, 100% cozy
  • Top front is double lined for discretion
  • Scooped satin trimmed neckline
  • Sweet messaging along the curve of the hemline
  • Elastic gathering at center bag allows ‘wiggle room’ for busty bombshells
  • Available in size “Little” (sm/med) or “Little Bigger” (Lg/XL)
  • Beautifully giftable in a cotton bag bound with a delicate satin bow.
Sizing Tips:

Sleeveless nightshirts have a cute and functional elastic element in the back that allows some wiggle room in chest size.
SM ~ Size Little (SM) will fit up to a size 10. Busty Bombshells may prefer theirs a Little Bigger (LXL).
LXL ~ Size Little Bigger (LXL) will fit up to a size 16. Size 12's with mini-ninnies may enjoy the Little (SM) a little better.


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Sizing Guide