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Love Me, Love My Dog - Jammie T-Shirt

Size Guide

Our adorable chocolate brown jammie shirts are a coffee dribble and paw print friendly color with sweet messaging on the back.

They are perfectly matched with our capri cut jammie pants for those who prefer jammies to sleepshirts. On this shirt? Love me, Love my dog! It's an edict that runs through every dog lover's mind, so we figured we'd bark it out loud for them with our new "Love Me, Love My Dog" jammie shirts. What's more? Look closely at the XOXO to see the O's are actually sweet and loveable paw prints.

  • 100% cotton, 100% cozy
  • Top front is double lined for discretion
  • Scooped satin trimmed neckline with sweet messaging embroidered at center back
  • Elastic gathering at center bag allows ‘wiggle room’ for busty bombshells
  • Generously fitted in 3 sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-12), Large (12-16)
  • Beautifully giftable in a cotton bag bound with a delicate satin bow.
Sizing Tips
Jammie shirts have a cute and functional elastic element in the back that allows some wiggle room in chest size.
S ~ Small fits sizes 4 to a chesty 6 comfortably.
M ~ Medium fits sizes 8 to a svelte 12.
L ~ Size Large fits chesty 12's-16 or so.

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Sizing Guide