Prrrr - Pillowcase

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Prrr- Pillowcase



Well, we can't let the dog lovers have all the fun!

Some of my friends can't believe I let my cats sleep in bed. They just don't understand that cats insist on a certain quality of life. If cats want in the bed, then that's where they will be. Even though fluffy little kitties manage to turn into purring concrete bricks, I don't mind. When cats take over the universe, I want some solid allies! 

This Prrr pillowcase is a unique and personal gift for your favorite crazy cat lady or for yourself. Let's face it, you didn't choose your cat, she chose you. You're not her owner, you are a member of her staff. So, show some gratitude because cat people rock! You are lucky the cat allows you in the bed!

One standard/queen size animal pillowcase.

  • 100% gloriously soft cotton
  • Printing is soft and breathable 
  • Beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting
  • 300 thread count
  • Fits both Standard and Queen pillows - 20" x 31"
  • Becomes softer with every wash