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Sleeping Beauty is timeless and ageless just like her. Remind your Sleeping Beauty as she turns in her crown for the night that her natural beauty shines brighter than ever. It’s the perfect message to remind every woman that she is positively, radiantly beautiful!  

Adorable by design, our “Sleeping Beauty” sleepshirt features playful dancing hearts on the satin cuffs.

  • 100% cotton, 100% cozy
  • Top front is double lined for discretion
  • Scooped satin trimmed neckline
  • Sweet messaging along the curve of the hemline.
  • Loose fit ¾ sleeve with matching icons on the satin trim
  • Available in preshrunk sizes: “Little” (sm/med), “Little Bigger” (Lg/XL) or “Just Plain Cozy” (1X-2X)
  • Beautifully giftable in a cotton bag bound with a delicate satin bow.