$ 39.95

Adorable by design, our playful 'Sleeps with Cats' sleepshirt has matching paw prints on the cuffs - because we can't let the dog lovers have all the fun! 

Some of my friends can't believe I let my cats sleep in bed. They just don't understand that cats insist on a certain quality of life. If cats want in the bed, then that's where they will be.  Even though fluffy little kitties manage to turn into purring concrete bricks, I don't mind.  When cats take over the universe, I want some solid allies!

  • 100% cotton, 100% cozy
  • Top front is double lined for discretion
  • Scooped satin trimmed neckline
  • Sweet messaging along the curve of the hemline.
  • Loose fit ¾ sleeve with matching icons on the satin trim
  • Available in preshrunk sizes: “Little” (sm/med), “Little Bigger” (Lg/XL) or “Just Plain Cozy” (1X-2X)
  • Beautifully giftable in a cotton bag bound with a delicate satin bow.


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