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Why does Faceplant Bamboo® feel so good?

We start with a very luxurious fine yarn made from Bamboo. The finer the denier of the yarn, the softer the feel, and the nicer it drapes. We could reduce costs with a thicker yarn, but bigger isn't always better. The tiny details make all the difference, and Faceplant Bamboo® is a luxury worth it's weight in Bamboo.



Bamboo Sleepwear & Loungewear Company


Welcome Home.


Put your feet up.

We’ve always been big fans of sleep. Science and trends are catching up to what we’ve always known…  A good nights’ sleep is worth its’ weight in bamboo.

Using sustainably grown bamboo and organic and high-end cottons, we create proprietary blends that not only feel amazing, but launder beautifully. They wick moisture away from your skin, keep you cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold, and resist odor forming bacteria. (which means your jammies won’t smell and you won’t launder as frequently.)

With that luxurious foundation, our sleepwear and loungewear company designs simple classics with a stylish twist…. Our pajamas are definitely snuggle-worthy at home, but they’re also cute enough that you’ll want to show them off.

Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve or give the perfect gift. Our trademarked Faceplant Bamboo® fabric has a lot of wiggle room for comfort. If you aren’t sure what size she wears… don’t worry. She’ll be comfortable either way you choose. Our collections are generously cut to hug your curves whatever your shape or size.

We’re just a sleepwear and loungewear company, that’s here to help you snuggle up and slow life down.

Go ahead. Exhale. We’ve got you covered.


2402 East 7th Avenue

Ybor City, Fl 33605


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The Secret to Happiness

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National Relaxation Day: Relax. You got this.

National Relaxation Day: Relax. You got this.

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National Friendship Day

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