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Why does Faceplant Bamboo® feel so good?

We start with a very luxurious fine yarn made from Bamboo. The finer the denier of the yarn, the softer the feel, and the nicer it drapes. We could reduce costs with a thicker yarn, but bigger isn't always better. The tiny details make all the difference, and Faceplant Bamboo® is a luxury worth it's weight in Bamboo.


Beautifully made, soft as a dream and fits perfectly!

Janet C.Verified Buyer

These are the best slippers, so soft and comfortable.

Melany V.Verified Buyer

Faceplant Dreams

Welcome Home.


Put your feet up.

We’ve got everything you need to get cozy before you Faceplant into your pillow each night.

Bamboo loungewear, cotton jammies, footsies, slippers, spa wraps, bamboo socks, inspiring pillowcases, hot/cold eye masks and cozy bamboo blankets to snuggle up and slow life down.


2402 East 7th Avenue

Ybor City, Fl 33605


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I HATE Bras.

I HATE Bras.

I hate wearing a bra… the first thing I do when I get home for the night is slip my bra out from underneath my shirt. It’s the magic trick every woman learns. It’s as tricky as sliding the tablecloth out from beneath the dishes without disturbing any of them. OK- maybe not that tricky, but I have definitely pulled off this discrete trick in...

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Inspiring Women Inspire us: The Claire

Inspiring Women Inspire us: The Claire

What’s in a name? When we first started Faceplant we sold pillowcases. Easy. We called them “Pillowcases”. Then we started selling pajamas and loungewear. We called them “Long Pants”, “Short Sleeve Tees”, and “V-neck nightgowns”. But then Faceplant grew. As our offerings expanded, we had more than one nightgown, and we had to get more creative. We needed some inspiration.  We’re inspired by inspiring women,...

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Pet Projects

Pet Projects

When we started Faceplant in 2008, our first and only product was pillowcases with sweet and inspiring messages. The last thing we read and think about before we “Faceplant” into our pillow at night inspires our dreams, and those dreams in turn, inspire our lives. It may feel like a bit of a stretch, but a tiny ripple on the surface of life’s pond, something...

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