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Why does Faceplant Bamboo® feel so good?

We start with a very luxurious fine yarn made from Bamboo. The finer the denier of the yarn, the softer the feel, and the nicer it drapes. We could reduce costs with a thicker yarn, but bigger isn't always better. The tiny details make all the difference, and Faceplant Bamboo® is a luxury worth it's weight in Bamboo.


Beautifully made, soft as a dream and fits perfectly!

Janet C.Verified Buyer

These are the best slippers, so soft and comfortable.

Melany V.Verified Buyer

Faceplant Dreams

Welcome Home.


Put your feet up.

We’ve got everything you need to get cozy before you Faceplant into your pillow each night.

Bamboo loungewear, cotton jammies, footsies, slippers, spa wraps, bamboo socks, inspiring pillowcases, hot/cold eye masks and cozy bamboo blankets to snuggle up and slow life down.


2402 East 7th Avenue

Ybor City, Fl 33605


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How do you design the perfect elegant robe?

How do you design the perfect elegant robe?

My Mom, Alice, had amazing taste and was able to find the gems wherever we shopped. With our limited budget, this was often thrift stores, or when we were lucky, the sale rack at Steketee’s, the ‘fancy’ department store where I grew up. She taught me how choosing rich fabrics and the details of a quality garment would ensure I was buying a timeless treasure....

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Taking your cozy to work

Taking your cozy to work

For a lot of us, Covid was good for ONE thing… keeping us cozy and at home. Many of us got to sleep a little later, catch up on every TV program ever known, read some long-overdue books, and mostly ignore all social norms of personal grooming and dress codes. We learned that every-day showers are optional, messy buns are sexy, make-up is completely unnecessary...

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Mommy’s best friend = Faceplant Bamboo

Mommy’s best friend = Faceplant Bamboo

When my son was an infant, I was committed to nursing him as long as possible. Colostrum, bonding and the mind-blowing feeling of connection to my child were good enough reasons. I was building Faceplant and working out of my garage, so that made nursing ‘at work’ a little easier on me.  Like many new moms, I started out with a significant level of discretion...

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