Women’s Bamboo Bottoms

Can basic joggers or pajama bottoms get any better? If you make them from the coziest Faceplant Bamboo®, the answer is a resounding YES! Lounge in comfort and style with our women’s bamboo bottoms and float away on a cloud of luxurious bamboo bliss. Cozy can go further than the sofa, and you can even get your cozy on while you wander along the waterfront, during a casual coffee date, or at a relaxing yoga class. Just say hello to our buttery-soft bamboo and cotton blends. The versatile styling is perfect for sleeping or lounging around the house, but they’re so cute, you’re going to want to show them off. Shop our versatile women’s bamboo bottoms collection and find the perfect joggers, leggings, PJ pants, shorts, capris and more. Mix and match your favorite pair with any of our bamboo tops for a snuggly duo of comfort.