Celebrating women at Mother’s Day

May 9, 2022by Kevin Farrell
Steketee’s Department store was the ‘fancy’ store where I grew up. Steketee’s represented quality and prestige, and I dreamed of shopping there. Usually, however, we shopped thrift stores and Kmart. Fortunately, my mom had amazing taste and was able to find the gems wherever we shopped.
With good taste and a limited budget, she often preferred to make her own clothes… and that woman always had STYLE. My Mom grew tired of me knotting the bobbin thread on hers, so I got my first sewing machine when I was 6. I was hooked!
My Mom, Alice always inspired style.
She taught me to select the right fabric for the pattern, decide what accessories were needed, determine yardage and how to cut and follow the pattern. She’d buy Simplicity Patterns while I dreamt of the day that I could make a Vogue Pattern. With patience (hers and mine), my skills advanced and I too made my own clothes without any patterns needed.
In high school, I designed and made the perfect A-symmetrical blouse with an oversized collar like I had seen Cyndi Lauper wear. I proudly presented it to my Mom who turned the shirt inside out and pointed out my raw seams inside. “Why didn’t you finish the seams?” she asked. “Did you make this shirt for a Steketee’s Customer or a Kmart Customer?”
My Mom’s words and lessons have always guided me toward quality, and I have her to thank for the many details we include in our brand. Her guidance led to us choosing bamboo as our foundational fiber many years ago. It’s a unique luxurious fiber that is sustainable and simply feels amazing!
Over the years, my moms’ promptings have pushed me to learn so much more. Bamboo is breathable and it wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry. Along with that, it is temperature regulating and keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot. It resists the growth of bacteria, which means it won’t stink when you glisten. Hooray! That keeps laundry day away.
We’ve been making Faceplant since 2008 and over the years, we’ve found ways to improve on an already naturally fabulous fiber. All of our pajamas are Oeko-tex certified and we use a closed-loop dying process to recycle 99.5% of the chemicals instead of releasing them into the environment.
Instead of buying the bamboo fabric that is readily available in the open market, we knit our own and choose a finer yarn than is commonly used. This results in nicer drape of the fabric and a smoother finish. This is why one touch of Faceplant Bamboo® makes you say, “ahhhh”. It’s why our bamboo fabric doesn’t pill and will continue to look fresh and new after multiple launderings.
All this being said, you can’t really know how good Faceplant Bamboo® feels until you…. well… FEEL it. If you haven’t taken the Faceplant plunge yet, please take a look at what our customers have to say. They certainly can’t ALL be wrong!
Despite my mom’s heavenly address, I maintain my celebration of and with her this Mother’s Day. My thanks go out to her every day for the lessons about life and quality she taught me.
Whether you enjoy your mother’s company in person or in spirit, please remember to also celebrate your sisters, friends and every woman of quality in your life this Mother’s Day.
Quality counts. Quality women count. Happy Mother’s Day all.

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