Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

Oct 7, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
Twenty years ago, working in the surf industry, I learned about bamboo being made into fiber. When I received my first bamboo tee, I was hooked! Fast forward to 2008 when Faceplant decided to make Pajamas and loungewear, and bamboo was the natural choice. No one was using this magical fabric for PJ’s and I couldn’t imagine why? Its’ moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties make it perfect for PJ’s. Besides, our proprietary blend with the finest denier of yarns make it so stinkin’ soft and drape so beautifully, there’s nothing better to lounge around the house or sleep in. We’re kind-of obsessed.
From about 10 minutes into feeling our first production of bamboo loungewear, my husband (my cousins, my nephews, my brother and my dad) haven’t stopped asking, “What about us?” Alright, already. Enough. Stop your belly-aching. We’re going to hook you up!
We needed something cozy enough for a woman, but sturdy enough for a man. I couldn’t do this one alone, and I invited my husband Kevin along as the guest designer. Today he’s playing the role of the guest blogger to tell you a little about our development process and decisions:
As a Marine Harrier Pilot, I’ve been frozen, starved, baked in the desert and trapped in a greenhouse of a cockpit for hours on end. In short, I’ve endured punishing discomfort. We’re trained for extremes, so this has nurtured a natural appreciation for extreme comfort where I can find it.  
My wife founded Faceplant Dreams for women in 2008. For years, I’ve vicariously enjoyed the soft, smooth finish of her fabrics. But life is short, and I thought, “What about us?” Enter Faceplant Bamboo® Mens.
Our products are all Oeko-Tex certified. Conscious men want sustainability and comfort, but let’s face it, we aren’t going to hand-wash our delicates. Our Men’s collection is based in a cool and breathable mix of cotton and bamboo for a relaxed and functional fabric that draws sweat away from you, dries quickly and is naturally odor resistant. This makes for easy machine wash/tumble dry on normal cycles, or it’s just as happy being rinsed in the sink at the race track and dried on the line (so you can wear it again tomorrow because you forgot to pack anything else for the weekend.) 
We design everything right here in Ybor City, Florida. I personally test every sample to make sure there are no irritating seams and the cut is right. They’re a standard Fit – not too relaxed, not too trim. Faceplant Bamboo® Mens Collection offers every-man classic comfort with a nod to timeless style.

 Faceplant Hendrix Men’s Collection. Basic V-neck tees and loungers in a variety of colors. Coming to www.Faceplantdreams.com by early November. Stay tuned!

Sweet Dreams, Always!

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