Meet Emily - Our Intern! ❤️

Jul 23, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
It’s National Intern Day… and for the first time ever, we had an intern this summer.
Meet Emily!


Hi! I’m Emily, the intern, and I'm a rising senior at Auburn University achieving a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Production Management with a Minor in Marketing. My major requires me to complete an internship to graduate and these unprecedented times meant my glorified dream of summer in New York City was crushed. Little did I know, that was going to be the best thing that’s happened to me. As I frantically searched for another opportunity, every door was slammed in my face and I began to lose hope that I would intern at all this summer. Days before the deadline I had a virtual interview with Brigitte, and I knew it was meant to be. Being from a small town in Alabama, I had never been to Tampa and didn’t know what to expect from the city or this internship. First day jitters quickly turned into laughter and I found myself surrounded by a second family I never knew I needed. Working here has exceeded all my expectations and I’m so grateful for the amount of trust and responsibility I’ve been given. Being here has reminded me why I love design and it continues to affirm my passion for working in the fashion industry. 


I love traveling! Last summer was my first time in another country and I completed a design intensive study abroad at University of Arts London. One day I’d like to spend a year working with fashion in another country and expand my knowledge of the industry. I also love art and I’ve always been passionate about the connection between art and fashion. Art is a powerful way of storytelling and it gives people a voice when they normally wouldn’t have one. Experience in the arts is what made me fall in love with designing and I want to be a voice and a light for other’s when they need it most.

I made the spontaneous, and somewhat reckless, decision to adopt a dog freshman year of college. He lived in my dorm secretly (but if anyone asks I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about) and my friends watched him when I went to class every day. He became an emotion support dog and my best friend. We’re always a package deal and if you make me choose, I’ll probably pick him over you! This was Andy and I’s Halloween costume inspired by Fairly Odd Parents and Trixie!

I’ve been extremely active ever since I was little, and my parents decided to put my energy into something productive: gymnastics. I did competitive gymnastics for ten years and started running when I was 13. Going to college and no longer having the opportunity to do track and field made me realize how much I missed it. Three years later I'm training for my second half marathon and this time adding a 10k the day before.  

Something I love more than I like to admit is Disney. I’ve loved The Walt Disney Company for as long as I can remember. Yes, I love the parks, but my passion came from what the company stands for and the way they carry themselves. They understand the importance of individual happiness and show this not only through what they create, but through how they foster relationships. I would love to intern with the costume department at Walt Disney World and have the opportunity to create magic and happiness for so many people. 




Because of the amazing Faceplant family, I don’t feel like an intern, I feel like a valuable asset to their team. I’m in complete denial about leaving this place in a month, but I’m taking advantage of every second I have left with this incredible company!


We feel the same way, Emily!


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