Resting Buddha Face

Sep 26, 2022by Brigitte Farrell

A friend gifted me this beautiful resting Buddha statue last year.  I know Mackenzie’s heart, and her intention was to remind me that I carry this same beautiful calm and peace within myself, even on the days when I’m not so sure that’s true.

Buddha watches over me from the top of my desk, directly at eye-level when I peek up from my screen; A good vantage point from which to witness digressions from peace that can be triggered by something as simple as an email.

I won’t go so far as to suggest that a statue holds power, but it serves as a touchstone and reminder for me.  One glance from this peaceful face can melt frustration in my heart, even if it’s drifted over into the ‘anger’ level.  And so, the Buddha statue will always hold real estate on my desk.

Touchstones and reminders are important. They guide us back to center when we drift off course. It’s important to establish and build these guideposts throughout our lives, so we can always find our way home.


(Resting Buddha)\



How do we find our own touchstones of peace? The places, energies, ideas and icons that can center our hearts and comfort us when it feels like life has gone off course? The answers are as unique as each of us.

We find them through religion, prayer, meditation, yoga. We find them through family, friends, reading and art. My husband seems to find them on a motorcycle! Whatever your doorway, in my estimation, the primal goal is to build a fortress of peace within ourselves so powerful that we can simply slip quietly inside whenever we need respite.


I imagine this is how a peaceful Buddha navigates:

Step one: Encounter stressful experience

Step two: Slowly inhale. Slowly Exhale. Repeat.

Step three: Envision an image of peace

Step four: Slip inside (the heart)

Step five: Return, refreshed and calm


May you find your own version of the calm Buddha face. And may it help bring you back to peace always.





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