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Oct 23, 2021by Brigitte Farrell
Growing up, my family was a unique mix of nose-to-the-grindstone hard working Midwesterners, fused with artistic dreamer hippies. My parents were young and broke, and based in necessity, they were very capable people.
My Dad renovated our home room by room from an old farmhouse into a lovely 1970’s home in the woods. He fixed cars, lawnmowers, plows and snowmobiles. He constructed the fireplace in our living room. He built a log-splitter that made our annual month of chopping firewood for the winter a lot easier, but we relied on axes and chainsaws, nonetheless.
My Mom was a seamstress, potter, clown at local festivals and she made wedding cakes on the side. Our home was filled with tools to make their projects, dreams and lives better. From sewing machines and the rose piping tip to arc welders and helium tanks, we had it all.
A properly designed tool solves a problem, resolves a struggle. It makes life easier or more enjoyable. As they say,
“it’s important to have the right tool for the job”.
My projects, dreams and life are different from my parents and I’m not sure my skill set is quite as vast. I definitely don’t have the array of tools! But I paid attention and learned a lot from them. And I know that it’s only possible to do a job right if you have the right tools.
My struggle? Sleep. Deep, dreamy, restorative sleep has often eluded me. Building tools to support sleep has always been my mission. Making them beautiful, my quest.
The art of sleep may not seem as sweet as the lovely white roses on a wedding cake, but when done properly, it’s equally delectable.
Sleep was challenging to me even as a child, and I began cultivating good sleep hygiene at a young age. When I was feeling overwhelmed, my Mom told me to count sheep. I tried.
I imagined them jumping over the fence… over and over. But in no time, one of them would turn and stick out his tongue with bug-eyes, and I’d have to start all over again. Laugh to myself, fluff the pillow, close the eyes. Repeat.
Eventually, I learned that the term sheep needn’t be literal. It’s about repetition to calm the mind and ‘Sheep’ was just a stand-in for what religion and spirituality had taught for eons. To reduce stress, count the beads on your rosary. Invoke your mantra, repeat your chant.
Repetition in any form decreases stress and anxiety, while increasing relaxation and focused attention. A simple stress reliever to improve mental health. Voila!
A simple sleep-inducing tool I could work with.
I found other tools for my bedtime routine too. Candles or a soak in Epsom salts bath or any magnesium and sulfate remedy will calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety. Chamomile or Valerian root teas to reduce anxiety and initiate sleep.
The ideal bedroom for sleep is dark. Very Dark. Light inhibits the production of melatonin and medically reviewed articles are clear - melatonin is key to a good nights’ sleep.
Jet lag throws another curve ball into our dream act and moving between time zones can disrupt sleep for days or even weeks. Following your natural circadian rhythm can be difficult during while globetrotting but can make a world of difference. Always aim for at least 8 hours beneath the blankets.
All of these tools are foundational to reaching deep, restful sleep. But everyone can use a little extra help sometimes. It’s like splitting logs… sure we can use an axe and chainsaw, but the job gets a whole lot easier if someone builds you a log-splitter!
Your sleep toolbox is unique to you. There’s an expansive directory of bedtime routines and sleep-inducing tools, and it’s important to consider your particular needs and what best carries you into rejuvenating sleep .
Make a list of your personal sleep challenges. Inevitably, you’ll reach the word “comfort”. That one is on everyone’s list, and it’s where we come in. Our entire raison d'être is bringing you comfort when you Faceplant into your pillow at night!
Step into our Faceplant dream world…
The first thing you’re going to notice is the soft and smooth finish of our bamboo pajamas. Whether you prefer Classic bamboo loungewear or something from our new Lucy Collection, a blend of organic cotton and bamboo, just slide them on, and start your journey to comfort city.
As you wander to the bathroom for your evening ablutions, furry slides will keep your toes cozy and warm above the cold tile. When the dog barks from the back yard, don’t worry about changing into shoes to retrieve him – the durable sole on our bedroom slippers can be worn inside or out.
And when you’re finally ready to tuck in for the night, slide beneath Faceplant Bamboo sheets. They are the true coup d'état in your battle for comfortable sleep! With the smooth, soft finish of silk, they’ll welcome you like the royalty that you are. Their thermoregulating comfort will keep you warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, and snuggle you with the comfort of an old friend.
And as you roll over to fall asleep, our final offering to deliver your best nights’ sleep is the bamboo and silk sleep mask. You’ll find it in its beautiful box on your bedside table next to your favorite book. The smooth finish slides comfortably over your eyes and protects your hair as you gently lower your head into the smooth finish of your bamboo pillowcase.
Shhhh… quiet is an essential tool in the toolbox.
Sweet Dreams Always,

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