Why do Sheets Pill? How to Prevent Pilling

Apr 13, 2023by Brigitte Farrell

Pilling is caused by friction, which causes the fibers in fabric to tear, tangle, and twist into a tiny little ball. Pilling can be reduced by avoiding friction, however, that’s hardly possible when it comes to clothes or sheets. But don’t worry. There’s hope. Here’s what you can do to ensure a lifetime of smooth sleep.

What to do?

First and foremost, take note of the care instructions.

Before you cut off that pesky little tag, take a look at the manufacturer’s suggestions for washing, drying, and handling your new item. Those laundry symbols may add a few more years to its’ life! But we know, that amidst the chaos of the day, there’s not always time to separate laundry by care and color. So, our next best tip – buy high quality fabric.

Faceplant Dreams® reduces friction by using smaller diameter threads per square inch. Finer threads, combined with our air weaving process, result in an undeniably smooth finish. Additionally, we polish our super fine threads to remove any microscopic fuzziness, making our Faceplant fabric feel magical while reducing pilling.

Have you ever slept on a scratchy sheet? You deserve better!

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