Ann's Story

Apr 28, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
Hey friends! Meet Ann. She entered our March contest to “Win a Night In” on Faceplant...and SHE WON! I think we can all agree that right now is a perfect time to relax with a new Luxe Robe, Bamboo Hemp Slides, and a $50 Uber Eats gift card. Here is Ann’s inspiring story of strength and persistence. Thank you for sharing it with us, Ann!
 I love all things God made! This past year I was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, so all of my dreams felt that they were cut short, but as I’ve gone through the year, I’ve started making new dreams with short term outcomes. I have decided to take trips of a lifetime, spend more time with friends and family, and do things that I have been putting off. I have struggled with my looks and my beauty on the outside as a result of cancer and chemo side effects, however as these changes occur I’ve come to see myself in a different light - beauty on the outside is possible even with cancer. I’ve started doing little things to make me look and feel prettier. I’ve lost most of my hair, but that’s OK, I have a new short style that I’m embracing. I’ve lost a lot of weight, but that’s OK, I’ve been able to buy a whole new wardrobe. My entire body has changed dramatically but I’m learning to look at myself in a whole new way! The things that inspire me are seeing what God is doing in my life and others. I love nature, I love the beach and the ocean - that is my respite. I love my job - I have a chance to create new things in designing office spaces and picking materials and color to make the workspace like home for our employees. I love Faceplant attire and I’ve often purchased items just to take on beach trips because they make me feel pretty and they are so, so comfortable. I dream of a longer life, taking trips to see the world, and growing closer to family and friends in the time that I have left. I have a special needs son who is my passion. It is wonderful to see him become so independent and, in fact, we are planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta for the Spring, where I will be taking my Faceplant PJs and nightgowns to wear. I love life, and dream of experiencing new things and taking new adventures, living my remaining life to its fullest!!
Thank you to everyone who entered our March Win a Night In Contest. All of your stories were so inspirational, we had a hard time picking just one winner. So we picked two! Stay tuned for next week, when we share the heartwarming story of Alisann. We are humbled with how strong the human spirit can be.
We hope you and your loved ones stay safe.

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