Caring for your Bamboo Sheets

Jul 15, 2021by Brigitte Farrell

Our 300 thread count sheets in organically grown Bamboo are a whole new level of luxury that transcends everything you know about comfort. You’ll finally experience restful sleep, free from the hot-cold cycle that keeps many of us in wake-sleep turmoil.

One touch will tell you that they simply feel amazing. You'll roll around in them, cozy up, and sleep like a baby! You’ll begin to wonder, what on earth IS this magic?

Our sheets are made from organically grown Bamboo that is made into Bamboo Rayon using the Lyocell process. They’re durable, luxurious and oh-so-soft. Our bamboo fiber porous, breathable and hypoallergenic.

One of the most desirable properties of this fiber, however, is its ability to thermoregulate, which means it keeps you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s chilly.


Faceplant Bamboo Sheets


This thermoregulating happens as the fabric wicks moisture from your body, in the form of sweat, which contains both natural body oils and the residue of any oil products with which you’ve treated your skin. The fabric suspends the moisture in its cellulose structure, keeping you dry and warm. When you are too warm, your body heat causes the suspended moisture to evaporate, keeping you cool. In the absence of body warmth, the moisture is simply held suspended away from your skin. 

But fabric made from Bamboos’ greatest asset can also be a challenge. As it wicks moisture and suspends it in its’ fibers, the natural body oils mixed with applied oils or lotions can cause discoloration. Body oil stains can appear even more prevalent on dark colors of bamboo or simply as a result of your unique body chemistry.


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