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Two luxurious choices of Huggme Blanket:

The Faceplant INK Blanket
Our unique blend of BPA-free microfiber Huggme Blanket that is made 100% from recycled plastics, and lined with a Sherpa that's as downy soft as a unicorn's mane.  Even better, each of our Faceplant INK Huggme Blankets were designed by emerging artist from around the world.
Faceplant Bamboo ® Wrap Blankets
The Bamboo Wrap Blanket is insanely cozy; outside is an oh-so-soft bamboo mix, and the inside is a plush sherpa that never fails to evoke a long 'ahhhh'.  Bamboo, regarded for its strength and perseverance, has long been a symbol of good fortune and friendship along with its strength and perseverance. 


One really awesome feature of our special HuggMe Blankets: there are pockets along the edges, allowing you to tuck your hands in and wrap our blankets around you. If you're tired of slouchy blankets, cold hands and feet, or boring graphics - a HuggMe Blanket is the blanket for you or a friend.