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Customer Love

We love receiving love from our customers

Hello Brigette, 

Thank you so much for your follow up send for being so caring in your customer service. 

I received the pillow cases this week. They are perfect and just what I wanted. 

I also received a "second notice" from the post office regarding the original shipment that was supposedly sent back already. The date on the second one for last day to pick up had already passed. I'm thinking the holiday affected my receiving it beforehand. 

Thanks again,


It's so nice to see your new website. I lost track of you over the years. It's good to know you have pjs. I gave my dad your "GRACE" pillowcase for his 92nd Birthday. It was on his bed when he passed away at age 96. It is now a "Family Heirloom". I also gave one to another friend on her 90th birthday, and she loved it! She still has it at age ?? Continued good luck to you.

Warmest regards, Ann

Tis Grace Pillowcase by Faceplant Dreams

Mary Alice, Laura, Will and Iris,

I received my order today and am ecstatic.  I love them.  Faceplant has solved one of my major problems, buying gifts for my friends.  Your items are perfect gifts. I want to be honest, I have become an internet addict.  My husband tells me I need rehab.

You guys are great!


Anna Ingles


Like I said, out of ALL my vendors, you provide the best customer service. This is truly unbelievable!
Thank you thank you thank you!


I just want to say ya'll are the niceset people to work with!  Via email, in person, and I love the hand written note in each box I receive.  It means alot to me, and those things are also what we strive to do here at Lauralee Gifts as a company.  So thank you!


Hi Mary Alice,
I swear...Faceplant is the best!  I love how quickly and completely you ship, makes my job so much easier.  Thanks, Lynn M. 


Hey there!

Just received my "Sleeps With Dogs" pillow cases and I love them!

I also enjoyed reading the note you included with the products.  It sounds like you all do what you do for the right reason and with the right attitude. That's a goal all companies should strive to achieve!

Wishing you on-going success and thank you for providing a great experience!

Kindest regards,



Thanks so much girls, I received my order today! I just love your quality and packaging, really great!

La Boutique Bellissim