Change the world with Puppy Love

Mar 23, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
Life is precious and I’m all for celebrating every last minute of it, but did you know today is “National Puppy Day”? Who dreams up all these random ‘days’ we celebrate? Well I could wonder no longer so 10 seconds of research told me that an author named Colleen Paige dreamed it up…. Along with National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Wildlife Day and many more. Apparently, she has used her writing ability and love of animals along with social media to create a life of doing what she loves, which is really amazing! Kudos Colleen! But why celebrate puppies?
Just thinking about puppies makes me happy. Puppy breath makes me giddy. And research validates the preponderance of support dogs. But what else does National Puppy Day do for us? This seemingly mundane day, coupled with social media enthusiasm and support, inspires oodles of adoptions of otherwise unwanted puppies. Honestly, it hurt me just to write those words. I mean, how COULD a puppy be unwanted?  But it’s true. And Colleen’s mission and love come full circle with such tangible results.
 Does this mean we should all adopt a puppy today? (I hope you know that was rhetorical. And will presume you already know the answer.) So, if our life or situation simply won’t permit a puppy adoption right now, how CAN we celebrate today? I say channel your inner puppy… you know, the part of you that feels so much joy when your family or friend walks in the door that your tail wags you, and you’re carrying their slipper in your mouth because it smells soooo good! The part that wants to jump up and lick their faces (but don’t, because that would be a bad dog). But channel that enthusiasm, that love, for your own life today and everyone in it. Maybe you’re having a rough day. Maybe you didn’t get your walk this morning because your dog mom was too cozy in bed. Maybe nobody dropped any bacon. But you can still share all your puppy love with enthusiasm.
If we can choose to share the unbridled love and enthusiasm of a puppy today, then National Puppy Day can do a whole lot more than our friend Colleen Paige even dreamed of.  We can bring joy to someone who may not be feeling so joyful. And like flying fur from a puppy, that love sticks to everyone that comes near us, and they in turn spread the fur… urrrrr… love throughout their day. And love begets love. And with a simple sharing of joy, a gesture of kindness, we can change with world with Puppy Love.
Sweet Dreams and puppy kisses,

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