Inspiring Granny 💡📝

Mar 26, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
We started working from home last week and I missed my Faceplant Family by Tuesday. Although there isn’t much shipping happening, we are all keeping ourselves busy with items from the ‘projects we’ll get to later’, only we’re getting to them now, which is quite satisfying actually!
Today, Rachel organized a Zoom call for all of us to ‘meet’. Truth be told, there were no urgent issues we needed to address, but it sure was awesome to see everyone! One of those not-so-pressing projects was some new pillowcase and footsie designs. We all agreed that in these trying times, it might be a good idea to revisit our roots of inspiring and spiritual messages. All of us can use a little inspiration right now, right?
 We made it a priority to keep Jen at home when this virus started because her granny lives with her. Granny Carol is one of the most inspiring people I know. At 80 years old she’s funny, interesting, intelligent, magical and has Alzheimer’s. Jen does everything she can to ensure Carol stays active, engaged and healthy. (and lest I forget, stylish too!) As Jen got off our Zoom call today, she recognized that granny was feeling a little left out, which can be a struggle with ALZ patients. Well anything that Carol puts her energy into is magical, so in an effort to engage granny’s heart and soul, Jen asked if she could help us come up with some new inspiring messages to include on our products. When she returned 5 minutes later, she found granny at the table with a copy of our scan book in one hand, and an open bible in the other.  Not a bad place to find inspirational and motivational quotes right now. 
We can’t wait to see what beautiful words of inspiration granny finds
Sweet Dreams Always,

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