Crafting and Relaxing Pt. 2

Jun 6, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
The foundation of Faceplant based on the concept that how you feel before you ‘Faceplant’ into your pillow each night inspires your dreams. And if you feel good before you Faceplant, those dreams will be sweet ones.
It’s a pretty solid logic and our goal is to provide products to inspire happy Faceplanting, but there are loads of other ways to feel good. Sure, we encourage sweet messages on your pillows and cozy bamboo pajamas, but only as an aside to filling your life with many things that help you to feel joy, love and peace.
Enter crafting. We find deep relaxation in doing the things we love and for us, crafting is one of them. We have a crafty group here at Faceplant, and it’s always fun to see and share what our team is working on when they aren’t working on Faceplant.

Meet our very own Mary Alice (Hobby Knitter):

Mary Alice is our hobby knitter. Did you know that our very first washable organic cotton facial wipes were originally a knitted version hand made by Mary Alice?

More recently, she has knitted some beautiful gifts for our Digital Marketing Manager, Jen. Jen’s arm was severely injured in an accident and she was growing tired of protecting the skin grafts with unattractive medical wraps. Being the fashionable girl that she is, she tried wrapping it with Faceplant Bamboo headbands for a while, but they didn’t quite cover right. Enter Mary Alice’s beautiful solution: Hand-knitted arm wraps in a selection of beautiful colors and soft cozy fibers. This is a true win-win. Mary Alice relaxes. Jen receives the bounty of her crafting.

Mary Alice learned to knit from her babysitter when she was 7 and has never stopped. She says the feel of the yarn and the repetitive motion soothe her soul.

Crafting and relaxing. It’s just one of the things we do that bring us joy before we Faceplant into our pillows each night. What brings you your greatest joy?

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