Crafting and Relaxing 😌

May 21, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
  The foundation of Faceplant based on the concept that how you feel before you ‘Faceplant’ into your pillow each night inspires your dreams. And if you feel good before you Faceplant, those dreams will be sweet ones. 
It’s a pretty solid logic and our goal is to provide products to inspire happy Faceplanting, but there are loads of other ways to feel good. Sure, we encourage sweet messages on your pillows and cozy bamboo pajamas, but only as an aside to filling your life with many things that help you to feel joy, love and peace.
Enter crafting. We find deep relaxation in doing the things we love and for us, crafting is one of them. We have a crafty group here at Faceplant, and it’s always fun to see and share what our team is working on when they aren’t working on Faceplant.


Brigitte (Costume Designer):

If I weren’t busy designing cozy jammies, I’d want to be a costume designer. I generally only have an excuse to do it at Halloween, but out of the blue, my son recently posed the greatest costume challenge I’ve ever tackled: A blue wolf Fursuit, complete with oversized foam head and paws.
 At first, I was initially intimidated by the foam head, but with YouTube as my collaborator, I figured it out.


I carved the elements of the head out of foam and hot glued them together to form the wolf head base. I covered it with tape to create a pattern. I cut the tape off and marked the foam base to match each piece, so I’d remember how the pieces fit together. Then the fun part started… stitching it together. It was a challenging sewing extravaganza, but it was a blast to see it evolve each step of the way. Each night as I conquered a bit more of my crafting challenge, I felt a sense of achievement and the joy that comes with that achievement. The greatest joy though was seeing the look on my sons’ face when he spotted the finished “head” sitting on the table.

 Crafting and relaxing. It’s just one of the things we do that bring us joy before we Faceplant into our pillows each night. What brings you your greatest joy? What do you do before you Faceplant? We’d love to hear about it….

Sweet dreams always,

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