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¿Pajamas or pajamas?

¿Pajamas or pajamas?

It seems like a simple question. For goodness sake, we MAKE pajamas! We know what they are, right? But who knew that quarantining could make such a simple question, so complex? What are pajamas really?

But have you considered the question of formality? Regular clothing is out of the question. We all learned that lesson by about day 3, didn’t we? So today should you choose Pajamas (capitol P – formal) or pajamas (lower case p – informal)? You have to consider the schedule.
 Working online, organizing, and acting as home-school geometry teacher today? Clearly informal. Any Faceplant will work nicely. If it’s warm out, the V-neck nightgown is like wearing a dress except waaay cozier. Wrap the Voyageur around your neck to dress it up with a scarf and when the mailwoman comes in the afternoon, she won’t even know you woke up in it!

Do you have a Zoom call today? I’d definitely go formal. Capital P- pajamas. Start with the relax tank but layer the swing jacket over it to dress it up.  If it’s a serious meeting you can wrap the same Voyageur Wrap from above as a scarf. They’ll only see you from the top, so if you want to wear your racy lacey Zsa Zsa shorts on the bottom, go ahead. You do you, girl!

The decisions may be getting more complicated these days, but if you have to decide between Pajamas and pajamas, we’ve got you covered.

Sweet Dreams Always,