Homebody-ing as a sport

Dec 23, 2019by Brigitte Farrell
I’m a homebody. Not an “I spend the occasional Friday-night-at-home” kind of homebody. I’m committed to homebody-ing as my favorite pastime. It’s right up there with dawdling and lollygagging.  When I learn that the rest of the family all has plans on a particular night, I manage to eek out the obligatory, “I’m going to be so lonely without you guys” while simultaneously doing my happy dance on the inside. They know me well enough and immediately forgive the white lie.
And this is where “what I do for work” flows beautifully with “what I do for fun”.  Most of what we design and make at Faceplant is a somewhat selfish endeavor. I enjoy our products every day, but when I’m home alone, it’s a full-on Faceplant extravaganza. Not that homebody-ing has to be planned to the minute, and it’s a lot better if it isn’t, but I have a pretty consistent schedule that goes something like this:
  • Throw on Capris and the Relax Tank as soon as I get home.
  • Give the dog her evening walk immediately after dinner.
  • Heat up a hot/cold Lavender pillow and put it beneath the blankets for warm toes while I read for 2 to 8 hours. (I was a confirmed as a book junky in the 3rd grade when I opted to skip recess and work as a library volunteer instead.)
  • Ahhh… the bubble bath. A well-deserved respite after a lengthy novel.
  • Proceed immediately to the Luxe Robe and my favorite footsies for drying, teeth brushing and general ablutions.
  • Move back to the bedroom and the boyfriend nightshirt.
  • Affix pre-warmed lavender flax sleep mask and Faceplant into my favorite pillowcase.
Although I appreciate live music, gatherings of friends and fabulous restaurants, there’s nothing better to me than a homebody evening. At Faceplant, we’re constantly working to create more fabulous goodies to enhance my homebody-ing experience… errr.. I mean YOUR homebody-ing experience. What makes your night-at-home special? Is there anything we can offer that would make it just a little more cozy? I’m afraid I might be missing an important step and we’d love to hear how YOU homebody!
Sweet Dreams Always,

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