PET PROJECTS: It's all in the name

Nov 11, 2020by Brigitte Farrell

When we started Faceplant in 2008, our first and only product was pillowcases with sweet and inspiring messages. The last thing we read and think about before we “Faceplant” into our pillow at night inspires our dreams, and those dreams in turn, inspire our lives. It may feel like a bit of a stretch, but a tiny ripple on the surface of life’s pond, something as small as someone saying “I Love You” or reading a pillowcase that says “You’re My person” can truly change someone’s life. And so, we made pillowcases.

And people LOVED our pillowcases.

When someone suggested in 2009 that we offer the message “Sleeps with Dogs” on a pillowcase, I thought it was a stretch as an ‘inspirational’ company... but who am I to judge? Turns out, it has remained our most popular message since its introduction.

Flash forward a few years as Faceplant has evolved from a focus on just pillowcases to being a leader in bamboo pajamas and slippers. With our humble beginnings, we didn’t put too much thought into the names of our products and simply called our pants “long pants” and our shirts “short sleeve shirts”.

But like our pillowcases, the quality of our Faceplant bamboo® pajamas has built a cult following and the line continues to expand. And it has started to get confusing when people call and say “I LOVE my new shirt. Send me another in size small, aqua, please”, so this year, we’ve begun naming our products to make things easier.

 So, what kind of naming protocol would we use as a company? For us, the decision was more organic than deliberate. Our dog, Zsa Zsa, works in the office every day. She’s beautiful, comfortable (in her own fur) and just a little bit fancy. 

So, “Zsa Zsa” was the inspiration for the name of our Zsa Zsa collection - our lacey, racy nightgowns and cami/tank sets. They’re slightly sexy with their lace trim and t-back styling. They make us feel special, and a little bit fancy. Because they’re made from our silky smooth and soft proprietary bamboo mix though, they still make us feel completely comfortable and at ease. And so we called them Zsa Zsa.

Thinking back on my judgement of whether the message “Sleeps with Dogs” is inspirational… I now have to respond with a resounding, “YES”! We’re completely inspired by the Zsa Zsa, both the dog and the collection. We’re pretty sure you will be too!

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