Inspiring Women Inspire us: The Claire

Dec 2, 2020by Brigitte Farrell

What’s in a name? When we first started Faceplant we sold pillowcases. Easy. We called them “Pillowcases”. Then we started selling pajamas and loungewear. We called them “Long Pants”, “Short Sleeve Tees”, and “V-neck nightgowns”. But then Faceplant grew. As our offerings expanded, we had more than one nightgown, and we had to get more creative. We needed some inspiration.

 We’re inspired by inspiring women, and one of the most inspiring women we know is our own Jen Smith (Real name. Not a stage name.) Jen is one of those uncelebrated heroes among us.

If you’ve had the pleasure of reaching Jen on the phone when you call Faceplant, you know she maintains a great attitude on the hardest of days. She brings coffee for friends and never forgets a birthday or anniversary.

Jen has an unusual interest – she collects ‘the elderly’. It’s her favorite thing. (Real interest. Not a joke.) Many of Jen’s friends are senior citizens or well over the age of 75 and Jen is the sole caretaker for her sweet granny,

Carol, who has early onset dementia. Jen’s patience for Granny is unlimited and the most challenging events turn into a heartwarming story when Jen tells about escapades with her ‘roommate’.

Several years ago, she adopted Claire, a then 11-month old Maltipoo from a farm in Ohio where she was born and raised. A month later, Jen packed up her car with Claire in it, and moved 1,200 miles to Florida. Claire is now 6 years old and Jen’s bestie.

Two years ago, Jen adopted a 13-year-old miniature poodle name Brownie from an elderly gentleman who was no longer able to care for his friend. We were all heartbroken when Brownie left us this year and crossed the rainbow bridge just before his 16th birthday. Now we often catch Jen cruising Craigslist for elderly dogs in need of homes.

 When we introduced our new short-sleeve nightshirt this year, Jen loved it. She said it was the simple and classic nightgown that her Granny would just love. So, we proposed calling it “The Carol”, but it sounded too much like a Christmas song. We considered “The Jen”, but Jen didn’t like that, so we settled on “The Claire”, in honor of our own Jen, Claire’s very special and very loving “mom”.

At mid-thigh, The Claire is just the right length. It has a simple V-neck and short sleeves for those who just need their shoulders covered at night. The Claire comes in pink, black and aqua. Turns out, The Claire is a hit too! Jen was right. It’s simple, it’s classic, and Granny LOVES it.

Don’t be surprised if you see Granny and Jen around the city of Tampa walking Claire with this nightgown on. Throw on a scarf, leggings, and flats and it can easily pass as a comfy outfit for a walk in the park!

Sweet Dreams, Always!

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