I HATE bras and LOVE discretion

Jan 6, 2021by Brigitte Farrell

I hate wearing a bra, no matter the style- push up bras, bras with removable padding, wired bras, nursing bras, lace bras, strapless bras … the first thing I do when I get home for the night is slip my bra out from underneath my shirt. It’s the magic trick every woman learns. It’s as tricky as sliding the tablecloth out from beneath the dishes without disturbing any of them.

OK- maybe not that tricky, but I have definitely pulled off this discrete trick in a roomful of afterschool kids without anybody even glancing up from their video game.

I don’t think I’m alone. Underwires and restrictive bindings be gone. We’re home and ready to relax, right? Sleep bras are a thing, and for some women, they are perfect. Some of us prefer going a step further and setting the girls completely free, but with a 12-year-old boy (and company) in the house, we might need to demonstrate a bit more discretion.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Did you know that most Faceplant tops and nightgowns have our proprietary ‘discretion’ liner at the top? It’s no bra, no ma’am. No binding elastic, just a second layer of fabric from the shoulders to mid-torso to deter peek-a boo view throughs.

(Check out any of our tops HERE or nightgowns HERE - except the Zsa Zsa – she likes things a little racier and isn’t seeking discretion.)

We may not be able to get your kids to look up from their video games, but we can make sure your girls are discretely comfortable when you’re home. The Faceplant discretion liner. Just another way we sell cozy.

Sweet Dreams, Always.

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