Practice Kindness and Self Care Everywhere

Feb 22, 2021by Brigitte Farrell

I’ve recently helped my stepdaughter pack up her things and move away to college. As I watched her sift bits and pieces of her childhood life to determine what to bring, and what to leave behind, it reminded me of so many times in our lives when it would be beneficial to make such clear and conscious choices to simply leave things behind.


As women, we face a constant barrage of judgements throughout life. We’re too tall, too thin, too wide, too short. Our hair is definitely too curly or straight, too dark or too grey. With age and wisdom, however, comes the time to leave behind what we believe we’re hearing and recognize that often the harshest critic is the one within. We can learn to go easier on ourselves, and find ways to care for ourselves, and sometimes it just takes a simple reminder.


Every step toward change in life is a challenge. And being kinder to oneself, is no exception. Did you know that each piece of Faceplant that you own holds a tiny step toward self-kindness? Every garment sold in the U.S. is required to carry a “care label”. It tells you about the fabric content, country of origin and how to best care for and launder the garment. But you’re the one LIVING in that shirt and we think you deserve a little extra care.


That’s why we also include a “self-care” label in every piece. Check it out. Just turn your favorite Faceplant Bamboo® tee, jogger or boyfriend nightshirt inside out. Just below the care label, you’ll find a self-care label, with a gentle reminder selected especially for you. Like a fortune cookie, only cozier, the message in your Faceplant Bamboo® is designed to speak directly to your heart.



Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in Ecstatic Motion. ❤️ 


The next time you’re feeling too judge-y, too harsh toward yourself, just turn that attitude, and tee-shirt, inside out. We hope that the simple reminders and care practices you find in your Faceplant Bamboo® will be the gentle push you need to find gratitude and self-love every day.

 Sweet dreams, always.

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