Words Talk. Emojis walk. 💖

Mar 23, 2021by Brigitte Farrell

The value of language to express sentiment has been hijacked by social media acronyms and emojis. And I for one, am on a lifelong mission to preserve language.


In the back of my closet is a box filled with letters and cards I’ve received over the years. Not all of them, mind you, just some that touched me deeply. In the 6th grade, my friend Toni and I would write silly tomes on long rolls of paper that went on for days. We sometimes added little emojis (previously known as ‘drawings’), and wrote little of worldly importance, but the effort that went into those letters was a testament to our friendship. 


In my twenties, my dear friend signed a letter to me with “forever/whatever, Mitch”. He was and remains a part of my heart and my world without the need for further definition, and the physical existence of that little signature is solid proof for me of our enduring friendship.



A well composed social media post has value. They may make us smile, L.O.L. and even cry. And I’ll grant you that it has the capacity to touch many, the world maybe. But still, I cannot abandon the significance of a story written for one, directly to their heart.


Faceplant is deeply established in the language of love and the perfect gift of comfort. We even send a love note in every pair of pajamas. Sewn inside each piece is a “Self-Care” label with unique, loving and supportive quotes, to remind the wearer of their own strength, to remind them they are loved.


Our pillowcases with sweet messaging are truly a love note left on the pillow each night. And we can even include your personal letter, which is the true gift. When gifting Faceplant, just add your poetry and musings to the notes section on your order, and we’ll hand-write them on a gift card. We’ll wrap your gift with love and top it with your personal love note!



We’ll even add an emoji. But only if you really want us to 😜


Sweet Dreams, Always.



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