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Mommy’s best friend = Faceplant Bamboo

Mommy’s best friend = Faceplant Bamboo

When my son was an infant, I was committed to nursing him as long as possible. Colostrum, bonding and the mind-blowing feeling of connection to my child were good enough reasons. I was building Faceplant and working out of my garage, so that made nursing ‘at work’ a little easier on me.  Like many new moms, I started out with a significant level of discretion when nursing in public, but by about the third month, with errands to run, work to do, “mommy brain” and the simple exhaustion of running on about 3 hours of sleep a night, let’s just say, I got sloppy.


One day, just as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, he decided the time to eat was NOW. Like any good Mom, I’d developed tricks and tactics for working a nursing baby under just about any shirt I chose to wear. On this particular day, however, I had luckily worn a proper nursing bra beneath a cross-over shirt that pulled open to either side effortlessly. Easy Peasy. Pull the shirt to the side, pop the snap on the bra, and we had a happy suckling child who completed his mission just as I completed my grocery list in my head. I disengaged my benevolent dictator, strapped him into his carrier, and off we went.
The guy at the meat counter smiled broadly as he packaged my peppered turkey. The young man in produce barely glanced my way when I asked if they had any Granny Smiths. As I traversed the third aisle of the store, I had the awareness of a strong draught on my left side and looked down in horror to discover that I’d forgotten to ‘zip up’! A gruesomely embarrassing moment of Mommy-dom! (Mommy-dumb?) I like to think we’ve all been there, but maybe that’s just one of those things I tell myself!
With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it might be charitable to save other mommies from such abject social horror and we’ve got a couple of great ideas that might help:

Mother’s Day is May 9th. Do a good deed and save someone you love from social disgrace.

Sweet Dreams, always.