Taking your cozy to work

Apr 16, 2021by Brigitte Farrell

For a lot of us, Covid was good for ONE thing… keeping us cozy and at home. Many of us got to sleep a little later, catch up on every TV program ever known, read some long-overdue books, and mostly ignore all social norms of personal grooming and dress codes.


We learned that every-day showers are optional, messy buns are sexy, make-up is completely unnecessary and that pajamas RULE! (Sorry health care workers, police, sanitation workers and all you awesome folks who kept our groceries coming. We really appreciate all your sacrifices and feel bad that you didn’t get any of the GOOD of Covid.)


But here we are a year into things, many folks are getting the vaccine and we’re starting to venture out again. Many offices are returning to business-as-usual, which means we have to start pretending to care about personal grooming and dress codes again!


Time for a color, a cut and blow out. It’s mani/pedi time and we think you probably deserve a massage, too, don’t you? This whole thing has been S-tressful, (stressful with a capitol “S”) and you should relax a little before you have to face the world head-on.


Before you get too worried about what to wear to work today, however, take note that today is a very special holiday ~ one you probably didn’t know existed. Today, April 16 is national “Wear Your PJ’s to Work Day”. Now you might suspect Faceplant had something to do with the creation of this amazing holiday, but we were as pleasantly surprised as you were to learn about it.



Your boss might not yet appreciate the sacred nature of today’s venerated celebration, so we’re here to help with some secret ways you can take your Faceplant cozy to work today and every day.


Sweet Dreams, Always.

Have some Faceplant ‘work’ ensembles of your own to share?

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