How do you design the perfect elegant robe?

Apr 27, 2021by Brigitte Farrell

My Mom, Alice, had amazing taste and was able to find the gems wherever we shopped. With our limited budget, this was often thrift stores, or when we were lucky, the sale rack at Steketee’s, the ‘fancy’ department store where I grew up.


She taught me how choosing rich fabrics and the details of a quality garment would ensure I was buying a timeless treasure. I still have a couple of gorgeous 1930’s and 40’s coats I bought in those thrift stores with my Mom. They never cease to bring rave reviews on the days I wear them.


When my Mom passed, I not only lost my greatest teacher, but also my fashion foundation. Cleaning out her closets took far longer than it might have because I lingered over each piece, breathing in the smells and bathing in reminiscence. When I came across a simple black wrap dress, the many memories of her wearing it flooded over me.


I remembered her telling me that as simple as it was, she always felt elegant when she wore it. I remembered seeing her wear it at church, at fancy dinners and at a school basketball game. It was that versatile. It was made of a simple, rich knit that draped beautifully over her curves and she always looked ‘put together’.


I couldn’t get her favorite dress out of my mind, so I used it as the inspiration for the design of our Wrap Robe. And I think it carries every bit of her elegance! It’s done in our classic proprietary Faceplant Bamboo® and will drape effortlessly over your curves no matter your shape.


It’s got pockets for your beauty secrets. Wear it flowing open as a loose layer for running errands or around the house or tie it on the side while you get yourself together for a special night out. Whenever you wear it, I hope you’ll remember our own creative, loving and elegant Alice for just a moment and smile.



Sweet dreams, always.

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