School’s Out for Summer!

May 17, 2021by Brigitte Farrell

Our kids have been challenged to navigate so many new learning platforms this school year. Online learning, then to partial week in-person learning, back to online as soon as there was a Covid scare in the school…. They’ve had to be on their A-game just to survive homeroom and they still had to do home-work!


And who had to guide and mentor our children through this process? Homework assignments, student learning, connect with students, and maintain positive relationships. OK Moms, you’re allowed to put your hands up too, but beyond you, the people who deserve our utmost appreciation for sticking it out this year are the teachers. Double the work and half the pleasure.


Without a vote they were expected to become I.T. experts, Zoom aficionados and the mask police, literally overnight! Disciplining a group of rowdy 6 or 16-year-olds is difficult on a normal basis. Put those pesky little people on a Zoom call or let them hide behind masks and you’ll NEVER know who threw that spit ball!


So, we wanted to thank our teachers. From the bottom of our hearts and soles. And we did.


Teacher Thanks


In honor of teacher appreciation week, May 3-7, 2021 we donated $50,000 worth of slippers to Hillsborough County School district to be shared in goodie packages with our local teachers. Just a token of our deep gratitude for the way they support our students and our community every day.


Sweet dreams, Always.


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