Power of the Pup

Oct 29, 2019by Booster Apps
I've never lived without a dog. Ever. Often, two or more. And I’m not one of those “Big Dogs Rule” kind of girls. I love them all, from yorkies to mastiffs. Being a “Dog Lover” isn’t a prerequisite for being hired at Faceplant, but be it by planning or providence, somehow everyone here seems to have that skill set nailed!
To remain respectful of visitors, we try not to keep a full pack running around, but we currently have 3 ‘regular’ fur-babies who work most days: Zsa Zsa, Sasha and Blanche. I don’t use the word “work” facetiously… maintaining a comfortable and joyful work environment IS a requirement of working here, and nobody does it better than the three of them.

You’ll notice smatterings of ‘dog lover’ goodies throughout the Faceplant collection…We try to refrain from making TOO many dog lover items so as not to look like the crazy dog ladies. After all, we don’t want to alienate our cat lovers or wine lovers. But If you think of any great dog lover messages that you just MUST see on our products, please let us know. We love to hear from you.

Sweet Dreams Always,

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