Sleeping hot isn’t cool

Jul 12, 2023by Brigitte Farrell

When you slip into your pajamas and tuck beneath your sheets, you create your personal sleep micro-climate. Protecting and controlling the equilibrium of your sleep micro-climate is critical to improving your sleep and your life. But how?

We’ve all heard of melatonin. It’s a hormone that is known for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. It’s naturally produced in the pineal gland. Darkness triggers an uptick in the body’s production. Studies show that we get our best sleep when we have the highest levels of melatonin in our body.

In addition to supporting quality sleep, Melatonin helps regulate the menstrual cycle, is a mood enhancer and can aid in weight loss. It can increase your bodies resistance to cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It improves attention and aids in creativity. In short. Melatonin: Good. Insomnia: Bad.

Research shows that surgically removing the pineal gland results in accelerated aging which leads scientists to speculate that natural melatonin also has anti-aging properties.

So, the solution to improved health and well-being seems easy. Just take a Melatonin supplement at night, right? Not so fast. Studies show inconclusive evidence that supplemental melatonin has the same impact on our bodies as that which is naturally derived.

So, how can we increase our melatonin levels? Current studies show that lower temperatures elevate melatonin production. Scientists have learned only recently that this contributes to a bears’ nature of hibernating in the winter. 

 When your body is in balance, your core temperature will naturally decrease 1-2 degrees at night to prepare you for sleep. But note the preface: “When your body is in balance”.

Unfortunately, our hormones and natural body rhythms can easily become imbalanced. Monthly cycles, perimenopause and menopause all wreak havoc on our bodies hormone production resulting in night sweats and insomnia that diminish our bodies’ ability to rest and recover.

Night sweats affect women of every age. If you choose to avoid supplements or pharmaceuticals, what can you do to support your Melatonin production and get better sleep?

Control the temperature of your micro-climate.

Faceplant Bamboo® loungewear and bedding are proactively designed to combat life-altering night sweats and improve the quality of your sleep. Our consciously crafted luxury fabrics are thermoregulating, moisture wicking and breathable.

Thermoregulating properties means that sleeping in our bamboo sheets and pajamas can reduce the temperature of your sleep micro-climate in excess of 3 degrees lower than cotton and 6 degrees lower than Polyester. And this is 6 degrees of separation that can change your life.

Our definition of luxury doesn’t stop there. Faceplant Bamboo is also smooth as silk, soft and delicate on sensitive skin and flows beautifully on the body. It’s a luxury worth the investment.

Improved sleep keeps our mental, emotional and biological health in check. Studies show that quality sleep supports better digestion, weight loss, stronger immunity, improved concentration, better daytime productivity and is a primary foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

A simple shift from polyester or cotton sleepwear to Faceplant Bamboo® will keep your micro-climate cool and dry which is proven to enhance the quality of your sleep. Safeguarding your micro-climate will have a profound impact on your health and well-being and enhance the quality of your life.


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