The Toxic Dangers of Loungewear

by Brigitte Farrell

Sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle and plays an integral role in cellular repair, memory consolidation and hormone regulation. We spend a full one-third of our daily existence in bed, and the investment we make in quality bedding and pajamas affects more than the quality of our sleep.  

When I launched Faceplant in 2008, I was recovering from a long bout with what was then-termed “chronic fatigue syndrome”. After many years and doctors with loads of personal exploration on top, I found that diagnosis was an oblique way of saying I’m allergic to the modern world. The pace of life, the struggle to get enough sleep, the drive to constantly grow, along with pesticides and chemicals in our foods and clothing had taken a serious toll on my health.

To regain my health, I opted to bow out of the corporate race and pursue something very personal. Faceplant Dreams was born first of my childhood love of fabrics. The experience of adulting and my newfound understanding of the effects of pesticides and processing led me to choose bamboo fibers for our sheets and luxury loungewear.

All bamboo is grown sustainably and without the need for pesticides or irrigation. As anyone who lives in the deep south knows, you can’t stop it from growing if you want to! We go the extra mile in preparing our fibers and use a closed-loop process. That means 99.5% of the chemicals used are recycled and reused instead of releasing them into the environment. All our bamboo products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, assuring you that they are completely free of toxic chemicals.

Learn more about how this impacts your health from Dr. Grace, click here.

Here’s to your health,


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