The Power of Words

Aug 3, 2018by Brigitte Farrell

I tell my son that words only hold the power that we give to them; a simple and true intellectual statement. Emotionally though, words are very powerful and can be the catalyst to incredible change.

Words begin with thoughts. Thoughts begin in our imagination; our dreams. When I imagined building a company, the intent was to offer people serenity before they slept to inspire positive and peaceful dreams. I imagined using pillowcases inscribed with powerful words as my medium.

Imagining is a beginning, but it takes effort and action to make it real. While I imagined the company I could build, I struggled with taking the first steps to make it happen. In the spring of 2007 I was travelling for business with my dear friend Aly. While treating ourselves with a joyful evening on the patio at the top of the W hotel in San Francisco, we pondered the idea of a company that uses the power of words on pillowcases to inspire positive dreams. We giggled and vetoed hundreds of outlandish would-be names for this company. As the sun set over the city, the waitress misinterpreted my hand signal for “check please” and brought us each another glass of wine. My (petite) friend Aly considered the brief thought of another drink and uttered, “I don’t know what you’re going to name this imaginary company of yours, but if I touch that third glass of wine, I will absolutely FACEPLANT into my pillow”.  The red rockets blared, fireworks burst in the air and my vision became completely clear. “Faceplant” was a powerful word. It was time to make my dream a reality and to begin building “Faceplant Dreams”.


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