Why we (don’t) call them slippers

Aug 21, 2018by Brigitte Farrell

When our son was three, Grama and Grampa who were ever-attentive to his interest-de-jour, gave him a pair of Lightning McQueen slippers for Christmas. Anyone who knows Lightning, knows that our son was immediately inspired to squeal his tires and race circles around the living room. Alas, he only made a couple of turns before he fell fast and hard on the tile floor. Anticipating an intense squeal of pain at that point, I was affably surprised when he sat up with a smile, brushed himself off and said, “Ahaaaa… so THAT’s why they call them slippers!”**


**Official Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home! Our soles are ANTI-skid, not Non-skid. Rapid circles run around any tile floor are not recommended.

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