Why we Om at Faceplant

Feb 20, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
Every Thursday our friend Elaine comes to Faceplant to host our staff yoga class. It’s a gentle stretching class with a lot of laughter, a few of our four-legged staff demonstrating their version of “downward dog” or “paw-asana”, and a good amount of relaxation for all of us. Elaine always closes class with a group “Om”.
The simple chanting of Om is an ancient mantra used in many faiths and the sound is said to contain the entire universe. A 2018 study evaluated the effects of chanting Om by taking MRI brain scans of participants as they chanted, and they found measurable beneficial effects on the autonomic nervous system…but I don’t need scientific proof. When we chant, I can feel the benefits immediately.
The sound of Om is basically chanted in 4 parts
  • Ahhh
  • Ooooo
  • Mmm
  • (inhale)
It sounds like Ah-oooo-mmmm (inhale), Ah-oooo-mmmm (inhale)… If you’re not into yoga, chanting may seem a bit nuts and I think a few of our staff felt self-conscious at first. But together, we’ve all discovered the magic of the OM
First, you feel the vibrational resonance in the back of your throat with the “Ahhh”, then the “Oooo” moves the vibration deeper to your chest and as the vibration resonates throughout your body, you realize that it’s gone beyond your body. The vibration in the room becomes so strong that it’s difficult to hear or feel the space between your Om and that coming from your neighbor and you find your Oms harmonizing without effort. This is when chanting Om becomes the experience of Om. It’s where we find a true spiritual connection with one another and with the energy of the Universe. I’m not sure I understand the science behind it, but I’m sure I understand the peace. And the effort we make for a few brief moments at the end of our yoga class each Thursday is one that leaves us all in a deeper place of peace.
That’s why we Om at Faceplant. We hope our Om energy carries on through our week and through our communications when we speak with you, our friends.

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