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Celebrating Love

Celebrating Love

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate romantic love, and if we’re lucky enough to have someone in that space in our lives, we honor their love with flowers and presents. But love goes deeper and further than Valentine’s Day and is defined by much more than romantic gestures and gifts. Luckier among us are those with friends and family, partners and coworkers, who fill our every day with loving moments. The trick is remaining conscious enough to receive and share love in its’ more subtle forms…

Love is shown by the yoga instructor who makes an adjustment to your posture, a co-worker who calls to check on you when you’re home sick, a neighbor who pops by because they noticed your garage was left open, a child who sneaks into your room for a morning snuggle or a fervently wagging tail as you unlock the front door at the end of a long day. And there are more simple gestures that are easier to miss; the barrista who remembers your order before you order, the ‘just saying hello’ text from your distant cousin, the stranger in the car who smiles and waves as you cross the street.

Love in any form is a gift worth honoring and celebrating and showing gratitude for that love is the greatest gift you can share. Love begets love. Gratitude begets gratitude.

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to share love in it’s most subtle forms… a smile, a wave, a gentle loving thought of someone who needs you most.