Repose by any other name….

Jan 25, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
As I lay in Savasana after beach yoga, I became aware of the intention of resting the body and quieting the mind to allow spirit to shine. I contemplated the many blessings of my life; to live near a beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico, to have a healthy and happy family who loves me and a job and friends that fill me with joy. It wasn’t always like this, and I mean that on two levels. I didn’t always live near a beautiful beach nor did I have a family, friends and job to complete the picture. More importantly though, I didn’t feel the gratitude necessary to appreciate it if I had it.
I’ve come to see this as the real chicken and egg conundrum. What comes first? The blessings or the gratitude? And the answer is “YES”. Did you think it was an either/or question? It wasn’t. The answer for me is “YES” because it’s about saying YES to life repeatedly even when it doesn’t feel quite right. It’s about day to day acceptance and appreciation of what is. If we can at first simply accept things that may feel not quite right, we will eventually see the blessings that came with an outcome that we thought should have been different. Acceptance highlights the blessings, which turns into gratitude. Gratitude breaks down walls of resistance with which we surround ourselves and allows more blessings to come into our lives. A simple “YES” is the answer.
An analogous sentiment is found in the serenity prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. In Savasana we seek that same serenity by setting aside our physical and emotional bodies and inviting spirit and wisdom to flow through us.
Time of quiet repose allows us to be present. Simple gratitude for the present moment opens us to receiving.  Whether we call it Prayer, Savasansa, Meditation or just quiet repose, we all need to give ourselves time and space to find tranquility and peace. The word we use to describe that time doesn’t matter. Repose by any other name is still Repose.
May your day be filled with the freedom to find moments of quiet repose. May your gratitude grow. May your blessings be many.


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