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Jan 8, 2020by Brigitte Farrell
Our choice to dedicate 5% of footsies profits to Academy Prep is rooted deep in our history. Faceplants’ humble beginnings were officially in our garage in 2008, but the root of our success began many years before that. We weren’t born with “silver spoons”. Our humble upbringing often limited access to things that cost money, but our parents made many sacrifices to ensure that a strong education was never one of them. With high school educations themselves, they wisely choose a dilapidated old farmhouse in the top-performing school district over a crisp new city house when the 4 of us were young.  My dad worked in a factory and often had 1 or 2 other jobs to make ends meet but still renovated the house himself in his ‘spare time’. It took blood, sweat and tears, to build the home from barely live-able to enviable, but it was always the gathering place for family and friends.
Throughout those years, the privilege of a strong education for their children was the fuel that drove my parents. They taught us the importance and the value of education for ourselves and those around us.
My husband’s story is different, but similar enough, that we share the absolute commitment to education. We believe it is at the core of success for both an individual and a community. That’s why we support Academy Prep of Tampa. Your purchase of footsies is a constant feed to the support of Academy Prep and we dedicate at least 5% of footsie profits annually. They’re kind enough to include us in several events and outings throughout the year and at their annual Fundraiser recently, with your support, we raised our hands even higher to support education. “Winning” the auction item was fun. But the true joy is in knowing that your support, our support, is a true WIN for the kids in our community.

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