Travel In Comfort

A few hard and fast packing rules I’ve picked up over the years:

1. A great pair of boots with a low heel will take you places in this world.

2. Wear the boots. Pack a pair of athletic shoes. That’s it for footwear. (In the summer, a black wedge sandal replaces the boots).

3. Black. That’s all. It goes with everything. Scarves, jewelry and the occasional colored tank will pull the look together without taking up much space.

4. Roll your clothing instead of folding. It allows you to tuck pieces you thought wouldn’t fit in empty corners of the bag.

5. Loose knit sweaters are one to a trip. Wear it, don’t pack it.

6. Always bring a bikini. It doesn’t take much room, and there might be a hot tub!

7. Avoid checking bags whenever possible.

8. Don’t overpack.

9. Clothes that require ironing are the Devil’s tool!

10. Don’t count on finding laundry service at your destination.

11. Comfort is king.

Like all rules, some are made to be broken. Going to your own wedding? I’ll allow you may need another pair of shoes and I wouldn’t be so rigid on that ‘black’ rule. Snowboard trips require snowboard boots added to the mix and might have some wiggle room on the sweater rule. But all in all, I stand by my list.

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