Celebrating Decem-purr

Dec 10, 2019by Booster Apps

In the 70’s, the marketing power of the Humane Society was in its’ infancy at best. Spaying or neutering ones’ cat was almost unheard of. We grew up at the end of a dirt road and our house was veiled in the forest that surrounded us. At various times in my childhood, unthinking pet owners dropped litters of kittens ‘at the end of that dirt road’, which coincidentally, was the start of my driveway. My parents dreaded it…I was in cat heaven! I was a shy child and the gentle mewing kittens spoke directly to my heart. Their indulgent napping and kneading and purring were only bested by their incessant demand for stroking, and I loved everything about them.  I marveled at their calming energy and felt honored when they decided to curl up around me.  I always had a couple of parent-sanctioned cats, but at times had up to 6 non-sanctioned boarders residing somewhere between our basement and the garage. Without formal discussion, I think my parents and I had arrived at a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy about the number of illegal aliens I harbored, and I secretly knew that I would eventually grow up to be the crazy cat lady.

I surrendered my cat-lady dreams in order to run Faceplant Dreams (and maintain my marriage and family!) They say when you surrender is when the magic happens, and in surrendering, I found the true crazy cat lady and hired her! Our artist Anna (and her husband) are the saviors of stray cats everywhere and take care of up to 25 strays at any given time. She is a selfless, kind and generous protector of finicky felines and even prepares homemade cat foods to keep them healthy. The best thing about having Anna around is that it makes the rest of us crazy cat ladies look sane by comparison!
Our cats don’t come to work with us, but like loyal subjects to their royal eminence, we pay tribute to them through our cat-loving themed products.  In honor of our feline friends and all the amazingly crazy cat ladies we know, we’re celebrating Decem-purr.
Sweet Dreams Always!

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